Heritage in Action, LLC            
Preserving Cultures. Mobilizing Communities.   

We are a globally active cultural heritage company working with cultural places and institutions to drive societal change and economic growth. At Heritage in Action, we see cultural heritage as a powerful tool to build sustainable societies through community engagement, storytelling and local development.


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Local Cultures. Global Ripples.

A DROP IN THE POND (ADIP) is an online platform featuring cultural content from people who want to share stories of personal identity and cultural experience. The stories will be archived as part of a growing library of global cultural stories.

An annual exhibition and cultural festival will showcase a collection of stories selected by the worldwide public each year through an online vote.

Collecting Cultural Stories...

We believe that each of us has something unique to share about our culture, something for everyone else to discover and experience! 

Cultural stories are embedded in our past and in our heritage; they contain the values, intentions, worldviews and shared identity of a society and its people.

We believe that cultural stories not only reflect our multi-faceted reality and collective interest, but have the power to transform the way we think, feel and ultimately behave… Stories inspire actions!

The Intersection of Modernity and Tradition…

In our ever growing multi-cultural societies and increasingly connected world, cultural heritage is relevant for maintaining cultural diversity and improving harmonized and sustainable development in the face of growing globalization. 

We want to use ADIP to explore:

    • how people take inspiration from the past to encourage actions for a sustainable future;
    • how old traditions meet new creativity every day to contribute to the preservation of identity and cultural diversity;
    • how the intersection of tradition and modernity reflects and defines the cultural identity of people living in today's spectrum of multi-cultural influences